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“This Catholic, Jesuit education will change your life as it most assuredly has changed mine and the thousands of others who have come to study, teach, or work on this sublime spot in this culturally rich city. It will set you on a path where you do not shrink at the prospect of seeing your life as a series of choices, all with cumulative effect. Rather, you will delight in it! You come to know that this is how we grow; this is how we come closer to God and each other.

It is in each of these steps that we become more fully ourselves, closer aligned to our purpose for being on this Earth, and ever open to the opportunities that await us. Ultimately, then, our life in college and for all the years thereafter is a grand statement on how we choose to use our freedom.”

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President's Open House

President's Open House, on Saturday, March 29, 2014, is an informative and fun-filled day for the admitted students of the Class of 2018 to visit the Loyola University New Orleans campus.


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